Senior Year: Facing Uncertainty with a Smile

Marching in January: My favorite example of facing uncertainty with a smile

Some days, I wish I could look into the future. It would be so comforting to gaze into a crystal ball and see myself with a nice apartment, reasonable salary and a french bulldog named Pickles to keep me company. As a senior in college, the picture in the glass is a little foggier now. I haven’t quite solidified my post-graduation plans. I’m still not exactly sure where I want to end up or what I want to do.

The way I see it, I have two options. I could give in to my anxiety and nerves and just ignore graduation. Finish my school work and spend the rest of my time in bed, watching Netflix and pretending I have four more years at Drake. It sounds pretty good. No more stress over finding a job or a place to live. However, I could also view this time as one where the world is opening up to me. Never before have I had so many options for how I want to live my life. I could embrace the uncertainty and start shaping my future into what I want it to be.

On the days I find option one tempting, I think about the time I have left at Drake University. Do I want to spend my last two months buried under a pile of blankets, hiding from uncertainty? If I do, I know I will miss so much: nights with the best friends I have ever made, connections with some of the most amazing people I have ever met (my classmates), quiet walks across campus that remind me why I love Drake so much.

Even though I’m nervous, I’m getting ready to face the last part of my college education with joy. I’ll keep applying for jobs. I’ll try to notice all the good things around me. I’m making a promise to myself to enjoy this time.